Captive Wealth Explained…

This eBook is an introductory overview of the CapAlt Risk SolutionTM. We refer to this version as the Novice Edition as opposed to the Professional Edition. It’s intended for business owners and members of their advisory team to start their understanding of the significant benefits to both the owners of any private enterprise, and those charged with evaluating the idea for the benefit of the owner or owners of the enterprise.

All business enterprises, across thirteen industry categories, are exposed to operational business risks. We help you discover, in modest detail, a special purpose financial strategy designed to optimize operational business risk insurance. When applied properly and for the right reasons, it will result in significantly increased financial success for small business owners who meet the necessary criteria.

Captive Wealth Explained, is what we think of as the “beginners edition”. It’s written and published by Craig Benson, JD, MBA and Tony Kendzior, CLU, ChFC. Both authors are accredited advisors involved with CapAlt Risk Solutions and its application across the United States and beyond.

The only other hurdle to cross, to become a participant, is for the enterprise to have sufficient gross annual revenue to qualify.

The idea applies to every business enterprise, across thirteen industry categories, including privately owned medical practices, all of whom are exposed to operational business risks. We describe how this unique, sophisticated and special purpose financial strategy can optimize operational business risk insurance and increase the practice owners wealth.

Over repeated annual insurance cycles, insurance premiums paid and not used to satisfy claims, become surplus assets and protected equity, owned and controlled by those who establish the strategic financial tool described. Those surplus assets can be recovered at a time of your choosing, under favorable tax conditions, and be used for whatever purpose you choose, including and especially retirement.

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In sum, it’s a sophisticated financial strategy for small to mid-size business owners and their enterprise. It’s designed to gain business and tax advantages, to promote good internal risk management protocols, and to create significant additional wealth for the business owners over time.