Are You a Medical Professional Who Owns a Medical Enterprise?

Assuming you are, we dedicate this website to those of you in the medical community who do so much for the rest of us. Our goal here is to make you aware of something valuable without trying to “sell” you anything.

This website introduces a legal, sophisticated and creative way to improve your financial circumstances, mindful your primary focus is probably patient care and not making extra money.

Our target audience is any medical professional who, in some form or another, owns a medical enterprise. Regardless of whether you treat humans or animals, either you or someone you trust deals with business operational insurance coverages associated with your enterprise.

What follows describes a high probability financial strategy that will result in favorable tax outcomes for you. That outcome means more money for you to use as you choose in the coming years. It could be for retirement, for business reinvestment, employee incentives, succession planning, estate planning, charitable giving, and more.

Meanwhile your business operational risks are fully insured at whatever levels you decide are important.

It’s called the CapAlt Risk SolutionTM or simply CRS. It’s a relatively new approach to the management of business operational risks that exist in every successful medically focused business enterprise. If you’re among the owners of one, then what follows is clearly in your best interest to understand.

A CRS in its present form had its genesis some 20-25 years ago. Today, it’s an example of effective insurance design applied in many hundreds of privately owned enterprises across the country. Its application addresses the operational risks faced by any medical enterprise 365 days a year.

Instead of buying your insurance from a traditional commercial insurance company, the CRS program has significant advantages for you, the private medical practice owner. Among the favorable outcomes for you are the following:

  • Over the course of an insurance year, after any and all claims are processed and satisfied, funds left over are yours to recover at a time of your choosing as they are now considered surplus assets and protected equity, all under your control.
  • Your efforts to be proactive in managing your operational risks will receive the same tax and accounting benefits as any insurance company.
  • The ultimate outcome for you is to be financially rewarded over time for efforts made in support of good risk management protocols.
  • Any or all funds accumulating from prior years can be invested by you or the investment advisors you select.
  • And lastly, allowing you to ultimately retire with more money in your pockets, if that’s an outcome you’re looking for.

Increased peace of mind in today’s stressful world also has benefits. A CRS program, properly implemented, will allow you to make conservative operating decisions about your medical enterprise, coupled with whatever future benefits flow to you from having more money available. We invite you to visit our more generic website,