Medical Practice Owners

Your presence here tells us you may own an established, privately owned Medical Practice.  Or perhaps someone responsible for its continued operating success. We’re aware the primary focus of the enterprise is the care received by patients needing the special skills of a physician.

We’re also aware that most if not all privately owned medical practices are focused on their ability to retain economic viability as the years roll by. We’re here to help you determine if the idea presented might help you do just that.

“Why should I take this idea seriously?” is among your first questions needing an answer. Another is “How much will it cost to implement a CapAlt Risk Solution?”.  As for how much it will cost, our answer is “It depends” because it’s determined by the risks you choose to cover from the Risk List provided below, and the level of coverage you need. Your initial setup charges will largely depend on the annual premiums necessary to cover the various risks at the limits you select.

Also, please know that the minimum threshold for us getting involved with any enterprise is for it to have $2M or more of gross annual revenue. This is our way of saying that while this is a fantastic idea to consider, the cost to implement a CapAlt Risk Solution must make sense for all parties involved and justified by the respective owner or owners of the enterprise.

Our confidence is based on the ongoing success of many hundreds of existing business owners who have embraced and are currently participants in a CapAlt Risk Solution. If you qualify, there’s no reason to think you won’t experience the same benefits as experienced by our other many and varied business clients. 

For more information, please review any or all of the following documents: